Welcome to Compound Everyday Capital

Founded in 2012, Compound Everyday Capital is a value investing partnership among private group of family and friends. Warren Buffet’s early partnerships are our inspiration. We operate on profit share model without any fees. Our current focus is Indian equities.​

Significant part of the world’s wealth is created by business enterprises. Our aim is risk adjusted wealth creation by owning good businesses run by able and honest managers for long term. We are risk conscious, humble, research driven, sector/market cap agnostic, long term oriented, small and we absolutely love what we do. These attributes, we believe, are the source of our sustainable competitive advantage.

We understand the power of compounding. We consider following areas important for our performance – trust building, multi disciplinary reading, business model understanding, analysing behavioural biases in business/investing and learning from our and others’ mistakes. By striving to improve on these areas daily, we Compound Everyday!